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Well, for school next year, I chose my Preceptorial (I dont even know what that really is) as Photography (thought I'd might as well learn something about it.) I thought what the hell why not, as my dad was trying to tell me to pick something more productive like Macro Economics or something. Well, we were stuck in the airport for 4 hours, I was choosing my college schedule and hey I wanted something. Besides my surfing and advanced sail courses! ahaha i'll probably fail out :aww:
I really miss sailing.

Sailing around the sound at the BEYC was awesome last summer, even though Amy and I got shafted and only got second in our annual regatta.

A water proof camera bag would be pretty sweet too, then all I need is a ginormous telephoto lens and a zodiac boat and I'd be just like South African guy who zooms around and takes cool action shots of us all sailing even though we always have the weirdest looks on our faces.
I need a new flash. and a battery.

Damnit, I'm lazy.

Merry Christmas. Psh.